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folk singer and composer from Belarus

Irena Kotvitskaya

Next performance: 07.03.2019 National Art Museum of Belarus, Minsk

Irena&WARSOBA on international forum VIA CARPATIA 2018 (UA)

Irena Kotvitskaya, performance Festival of the native language, Minsk, Belarus 21.02.2018

Kazalpin / Swiss Tour 2017

V - th International jazz festival "Jazz Nights festival" , the unique pictures from the balcony of the Minsk City Hall during of the duet AGATA concert ,10.06.2017. photo by Inna Olshina

5 minutes before the the duet AGATA performance/ photo by Tania Bauder

Duet AGATA in atmospheric evening "All native people". Club "Brugge"

Photosession duo AGATA, Minsk, photo by Mitskevich Andrei

"Mova Nanova"

Switzerland, photo by Dieter Schmitz

Konсert our duet AGATA."Festival of the Belarusian identity: Trialogue." 22.08.2015. Photo by Jerzy Osiennik

Kotvitskaya&Vorsoba/AGATA duo live.16.06.2015.Belarusian State Philharmonic. Photos by Eugene Erchak

"Salted Festival", the club Graffiti 05/11/2015. Kotvitskaya&Vorsoba/ AGATA duo. Photos by Olga Khudijakova

Lecture of Maxim Tyminko "Everything that we do is the music." Photo: Goethe-Institut Minsk

Melodies from Polesie. Photos by Yuri Ivanov

TV show, the channel Belarus-3 "Meeting on the street Chyrvonaya-4" Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia"

Stockholm, Sweden-2015.Days of Belarus "BELARUSDAGARNA".24.03.2015. Photos by Anders Mattsson

The National Art Museum. Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia: white color light". Minsk. Photos by Eugene Erchak

The National Art Museum. Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia: white color light". Minsk. Photos by Victoria Chapleva

Rachmaninov Hall. Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia". Moscow, Russia. Photos by Oksana Yurchik

XXIX International Festival "Belarusian Musical Autumn"

V International Folklore Festival "Kamyanitsa"

Performance in Brest

“Ethno fantasia” album presentation. Photos by Pavel Buchek

Performance in Grodno. Photos by Yulia Lytkina, Evgeni Kondratovich

Photo Session # 13. Photos by Valentin Verkeyev.

Images of Spring. Photos by Valentin Verkeyev, Pavel Travkin

Images of Аkana. Photos by Verner Rolly, Yuri Matsiyun

Галоўны фундатар праекту Студыя гуказапісу Страўня ultra-music Арт Сядзіба Будзьма Беларусамі