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folk singer and composer from Belarus

Irena Kotvitskaya

Next performance: 17.10.2018 Presentation of musical and literary project with Tanya Skarynkina. "Lohvinau" Book Store, Minsk

International music project Kazalpin (Switzerland - Belarus) . Belarus tour.


17.05.18 Grodno
18.05.18 Brest
19.05.18 Minsk
20.05.18 Minsk

Epiphany divination for love and bitcoins by Irena Kotvitskaya&WARSOBA/ live on Euroradio


Interview: Irena Kotvitskaya on the radio "Minsk Wave"


Christmas song from the group WARSOBA


Interview on A.V.A Live Radio


Duet AGATA the VIP guest on Episode #481: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax. (43-56 min.)

Irena Kotvitskaya & Kazalpin. Tour Switzerland 2017


Do, 30. März 2017 - Zug, Burgbachkeller, Festival Viel Jazz
Fr, 31. März 2017 - Solothurn, Kreuz Kultur
Sa, 01. April 2017 - Mogelsberg, Hotel Rössli
So, 02. April 2017 - Oberrohrdorf, Zähnteschüür
Mi, 05. April 2017 - Zürich, Volkshaus

Minsk Music Week 2016


Concert AGATA duo within the showcase Minsk Music Week 2016
Start: 20.30. Location: Cafe "Graj" str. Internationalnaja, 33

АGATA Мова Нанова


01.02 - Minsk
16.03 - Baranovichi
30.03 - Ostrowiec
05.04 - Molodechno
10.04 - Gomel
11.04 - Grodno
18.04 - Brest
13.05 - Bobruisk

Kazalpin. Tour Switzerland - 2016


15.01.16, 20:00 CH - Oberengstringen, Jazzclub Allmend
16.01.16, 20:30 CH - Herisau, Altes Zeughaus
17.01.16 , 17:00 CH - Zuchwil
20.01.16 , 20:15 CH - Baden, Stanzerei
21.01.16, 20:15 CH - Zofingen, Kleine Bühne
22.01.16 , 20:00 CH - Altbüron, Bau 4
23.01.16 , 21:45 CH - Bern, Be-Jazz Winterfestival


Kazalpin. Tour Switzerland - 2015


21.11.15 , 20:00 CH - Wohlen (AG), Sternensaal
22.11.15, 20:00 CH - Fällanden, Zwicky-Fabrik
24.11.15, 20:00 CH - Luzern, Kleintheater (CD-Taufe)
26.11.15 , 20:15 CH - Aarau, Jazzclub, Tuchlaube
27.11.15, 20:00 CH - Langenthal, Stadttheater
28.11.15, 20:30 CH - Glarus, Kunsthaus
29.11.15 , 17:00 CH - Muralto (TI), Sala Congressi


"Festival of the Belarusian identity: Trialogue."


Konсert our duet AGATA in the project " Trialog "(Poland, Krynki)

Concert. Irena Kotvitskaja "Ethno Fantasia: white color of light"


"This concert continues the idea of" Ethno Fantasia ", joined by a very interesting guests - it's still quite young musicians with whom we travel together in concert halls, city and country. In their 11-12 years they have become a laureate of international competitions and learned present culture of Belarus outside our country. to sing professionally ancient chants, they require a lot of time and effort, but they achieve their dreams and live a real musical inspiration. Together we want our listeners to feel the joy of meeting with the culture of our ancestors, to hear the ritual chants living and today his mysterious life.
This is not our first creative campaign to support talented children who are interested in their culture and work in the field of folklore. Join us and together we will support our children! . "Irena Kotvitskiy

Special guests "Ethnic Fantasies": vocal ethno-trio "Vera, Patricia and Ales", violin - Lera Pozharitskaya

Patrons of the project "PrimeVeda"
Private family charities "Related People"
With the support of "We Belarusians!"

VIII International Festival "Gathering of Friends"


Irena Kotvitskaja will present the program "Ethno Fantasia" and the culture of Belarus on the most prestigious concert venue in the world in the VIII International Festival "Gathering of Friends" in Moscow (Rachmaninov Hall). Festival organized by Moscow State Conservatory , scientific and creative center "Musical Culture of Peace." Among the participating countries are Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, China, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey, USA , Japan and Russia.

Kazalpin. Tour Switzerland, Italy - 2013


15.11.13 CH - * Wädenswil ZH, Trotte Neuguet, 18.30 Uhr
16.11.13 CH - * Wädenswil ZH, Trotte Neuguet, 18.30 Uhr
21.11.13 CH - Bern BE, BeJazz Club, Vidmarhallen, 20.30 Uhr
22.11.13 CH - Liestal (BL), Kulturscheune, 20.00 Uhr
23.11.13 CH - Willisau LU, Rathausbühne. 20.00 Uhr
24.11.13 CH - Zofingen AG, Alass, 16.00 Uhr
27.11.13 CH - Baden AG, Stanzerei
29.11.13 I - Ameno, Sala Comunale
30.11.13 CH - Schwyz SZ, Chupferturm

XXIX International Festival "Belarusian Musical Autumn"


Irena Kotvitskaya Ethno Fantasia. XXIX International Festival "Belarusian Musical Autumn". "Ethnic Fantasy" for chamber choir, soloists, children's choir and children's folklore ensemble. Anniversary concert of the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Belarus. The Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Minsk.

Irena Kotvitskaya's performance "Ethno fantasia" + autograph session in Brest


Reports about the concert in Brest on . Internet portal, Belarus. Belaruskae Radyjo Racyja. Internet portal, Belarus.

Mini-presentation at the gallery Ў


A review of the cultural events.
News report by BELSAT TV on mini-presentation of Irena Kotvitskaya’s album “Ethno Fantasia”
1:48 - 2:46

May 27, bookstore LogvіnaЎ, 19 p.m.


Mini-presentation of Irena Kotvitskaya's album "Ethno fantasia" + autograph session.
I invite all lovers of extraordinary music!

Album “Ethno fantasia”


Album “Ethno Fantasia” review by Masha Kolesnikova on the website
The search for “the scale of all-female emotionality in singing and piano sounds” by the art director of “Akany”.

“Zaradzi Bozha” New Image Orkestra


Album New Image Orkestra “Zaradzi Bozha” review by Gennadiy Shostak on the websiteAlbum New Image Orkestra “Zaradzi Bozha” review by Gennadiy Shostak on the website “Nash Neformat” (Our Non-Format).

BELAPAN about the press conference


Ethno-singer Irena Kotvitskaya: “I found it interesting to combine the spirit of modern with the traditional Belarusian music.”

Press conference


May 23, 2013 at 15.00 in “Kamyanitsa” café (18 Pervomajskaya St., Minsk) the press conference on “Ethno fantasia” album release by Irena Kotvitskaya will be held.

News report on the concert in Grodno


News report by Alena Volnaya about the concert on the website of the civil cultural company "Budzma Belarusami!" (“We’ll be Belarusians!”).
Photo by Evgeniy Kondratovich.

Reports about the concert in Grodno


Yulia Lytkina report on performance on Tvoy Stil (“Your Style”). Internet portal, town of Crodno, Belarus.
Photos by Yulia Lytkina.

Album «Ethno fantasia»


"Ethno fantasia" album is released by “Vigma” label (Belarus).
Cover design by Alexander Sidorovich, photos by Valentin Verkeev.

"Kultura" Radio channel


Sergey Pukst hosts radio show “An album with history” with Irena Kotvitskaya as guest
102,9 fm 15-30

Album «Ethno fantasia»


Working on solo album. In search of a grand piano in the studio!!!
The studio has finally found. It’s Osmos.
Jurtsevich, album producer.
Галоўны фундатар праекту Студыя гуказапісу Страўня ultra-music Арт Сядзіба Будзьма Беларусамі