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folk singer and composer from Belarus

Irena Kotvitskaya

Next performance: 11-12.12.2019 The international Prize "The Naked Theatre", Italy

Irena Kotvitskaya - etno singer, songwriter, pianist, teacher, ethnomusicologist.

Irena Kotvitskaya was born in Belarus (Minsk), where she received professional musical education starting from music school to the Academy of Sciences as ethnomusicologist and ethnic singer. Since 1999, going to ethnographic expeditions around Belarus she collects folklore, publishes scientific works, teaches students and pupils. Since 2006, Irena is author and leader of projects «Ethno-NHS», «Akana-NHS»; does vocals and arrangement of projects «Kazalpin» Belarus-Switzerland; works in cooperation with "Prince Myshkin», «Apple Tea», «Muzzart» Belarus. As a composer and soloist Irena takes part in a joint project "Ethno Fantasia" with the State Chamber Choir of Belarus. She does the same project as a singer and a pianist -. She is the author and artistic director of children's folklore ensemble "Rada" and other children's ethno-projects.

"Ethno Fantasia"
Other ethno-projects: "New Image Orkestra"

Scope of creative activities: music of oral tradition in Belarus, live singing tradition and archaic ritual "voice".

Musical concept - save deep stratum of Belarusian culture and integrate it into the sphere of modern world music (clear Ethnic, world-music, ethno-jazz, modern, neoclassic).

Concert halls:
Moscow State Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall
City Hall, Oslo, Norway
Belarusian State Philharmonic, the Great Hall and others.

International festivals:
«Mikolajki folkowe» (2006. Lublin, Poland. 1st place& Grand Prix.)
«Universe of Sound", Moscow Conservatory im.P.Chaykovskogo (2007, Moscow, Russia)
VIII International Festival "Gathering of Friends", Moscow Conservatory, Rachmaninov Hall. (Moscow, Russia, 2014)
Kulturen Europas: Die Weibe Erde» (Dortmund, Bonn, Germany, 2009)
«Koktebel Jazz" (2009, Ukraine)
"Gogolfest" (2009. Ukraine. Kiev)
"Belarusian Art Against Dictatorship" (2009, Oslo, Norway)
«Ka3a - ausflug mit geiss» (2010. Bossvil, Aarau, Switzerland)
«Slavic Bazaar. Jazz Playground "Koktebel Jazz" (2010 Vitebsk, Belarus)
I and II Festival of Culture of Belarus "Lin & Blaklint-I" (2011, 2012, Helsinborg, Sweden)
Festival "Show Europe - Show Belarus" (2011, Évora, Portugal)
"Stimmen-Festival" (2012, Lorrach, Germany)


Music portal "deliberately restrained manner of performing a wide variety of formations engorged forerunners, from Elton John to Queen, from Stravinsky to Rachmaninoff. It's amazing how popular song can organically connect to the subcultures of the XX century."

Newspapers of Switzerland about «Kazalpin»:

TV Culture, Russia: "His collection of Belarusian folk music singer-ethnographer Irena Kotvitskaya collects fifteen years: then she went to his first expedition to the Lake District. In search of ancient traditions Irena traveled the farthest corners of Belarus and witnessed the amazing rituals."

News agency BelaPan: "Іrena Katvіtskaya zaymaetstsa navukovym vyvuchennem i іdeynym uznaўlennem Belarusian etnіchnay pesennay Muzyki."

Musical Resources "Nashneformat": "Irena gave a hundred - no, a thousand percent performance intensity! Not every group is able to provide such a drive, and the piano under her fingers was singing and talking; it was sad, then happy and finally turned into a large orchestra..."

Links youtube:
Irena Kotvitskaya "Perastaranі, God". Concert "Ethno Fantasia". Krakow, Poland.2014
Irena Kotvitskaya "Serabrystaya raka." Concert "Ethno Fantasia". Minsk, Belarus. National Art Museum. 2014
Irena Kotvitskaya "Dzyavochaya krasa." Concert "Ethno Fantasia". Krakow, Poland.2014
Irena Kotvitskaya "Mora". Concert ""Ethno Fantasia". Krakow, Poland.2014
Irena Kotvitskaya "Ek paіdu ja." Concert "Ethno Fantasia". Krakow, Poland.2014
Irena Kotvitskaya «New Image Orkestra»
Irena Kotvitskaya "Ethno Fantasia". XXIX International Festival "Belarusian Musical Autumn". "Ethno Fantasia" for chamber choir, solo, children's choir and children's folklore ensemble. Anniversary concert of the State Chamber Choir of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Minsk. 2013

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